How does it work?





We provide our clients with the ability to mix their coins and attain anonymity in the process. Once the coins are sent to us, it is jumbled along with a series of other transactions through our mixer which has a reserve of over 2000 coins. Combining this with the countless transactions we have handled in the past makes it virtually impossible to pinpoint the source and endpoint of the coins. Due to the size of our reserve, we are also able to process transactions almost immediately leaving you with no concern of timely delivery of the coin.

How long does the mixing process take?

Due to the fact that our reserve is large and holds over 2 million dollars currently, you will not have to wait for someone else to send their coins and have your coins mixed. The mixing is often done instantly and the coins are sent back as soon as your coins come in. Ensure you send a decent amount in network fee along with the transaction to avoid coins not being sent any further due to miner rewards being low. Additionally, we will send you back your Bitcoins with different fee and from different address, and that make blockchain analysis virtually impossible.

Mix my Bitcoins