1. Bitcoin doesn't need central banks, financial institutions, governments or bailouts to survive.
    Bitcoin only needs the people 😍.

  2. What is the first thing that nocoiners say when you try to introduce them to Bitcoin?

  3. How many times have you heard or seen Bitcoin being predicted dead?

  4. Enjoying on your and transactions have been made easy with Bitcoinmix.

    All you need is your destination address and then you select the time delay.

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  5. If you can't beat them, join them!

    Visa Files Patent for Cryptocurrency System to Replace Cash.

  6. $1000 in Bitcoin or $1000 in altcoins. Which would you go for, and why?

  7. Bitcoin has outperformed the S&P 500 since March's crash!

    I guess Bitcoin's not dead yet 🤗

  8. What is your preferred method of keeping your Bitcoins?

    Remember: not your keys, not your coins!

  9. Bitcoin is up +10% in the past 24 hours and trading +$9800 just a few days after pre-halving dump.

    Don't bet against

  10. If you were to be given 1 Bitcoin today, what would you do with it?

  11. Don't forget to protect your privacy as you transact your and

    And also remember that, not your keys, not your coins

  12. has happened!

    Say welcome to another countdown to the next halving which shall be full of "great" economists predicting and wanting Bitcoin dead.

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    How Bitcoin Mixers Help The Privacy-Conscious Hide Their Transactions | Hacker Noon

    The process of Bitcoin mixing or tumbling turns out to be the most efficient one to ensure the required anonymity of crypto transactions. - ⁦@bitcoinshuffle 

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  15. The first security tip in Bitcoin use it to prevent hackers & attackers from knowing your address.

    Your Bitcoin can't be attacked if it can't be seen or known to exist.

    That's what Bitcoinmix does. and on


  16. In every transaction you perform, remember to adhere to guidelines.

    Attackers are always on the watch.
    Enjoy and on and .